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Charles Vogel

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03/27/13 09:26 PM #1    

Randall Wakefield

I remember that long ride out west. It was best to ship the bikes and get a less tiresome ride home. I was so saddened by the news of the accident. How typical that you were serving others at that moment. The wheel and wing logo have more symbolic meaning for me now. Carry on brave protector.

05/14/13 02:38 AM #2    

Scott Ankeney


It has been quite a while, my friend, since you told me to do some knuckle push-ups at the old Bellbrook Karate Club.

To all of you that may have not known, Charles "Chuck" Vogel was a Black Belt in the Genwa Kai karate study and was "sensei" or instructor to several BHS alumni including myself, Rick Hall and his younger brother and future Beavercreek cop John, my sister Toni class of 78, and my father William class of 1945!  Chuck, Rick, John and I attended several karate tournaments together and while I recall getting my butt soundly whipped I also remember the tall lanky Chuck bringing home the bacon by placing some amazing roundhouse kicks into the heads of unsuspecting and much more intimidating opponents. Chuck in our senior year at BHS tried to get a karate club going but didn't get any takers and I wonder if people got the wrong impression by Chuck's rather frail appearance. He stood a good six foot tall, rail thin, a full head of blonde hair,  and a truly pleasant demeanor that just didn't seem to jibe with all the "Billy Jack" nonsense happening back then. Let me say two things: first, although I outweighed him-even in my skinny high school days-by at least 20 pounds, he could have easily wiped the floor with me whenever he chose; and second, he was such a nice guy I wouldn't have minded. Chuck was an ideal instructor who led by quiet example rather than boisterous outburst and of course everyone was drawn to him. He demonstrated that he could ruffle your earlobe with his foot not to humiliate but to inspire, to make one think "hey I can do that, too".  All of us at the club were stunned when we learned of Chuck's passing and the club simply was never the same without him.

                                                                                                                        Scott D. Ankeney




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